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Bail Bonds in Connecticut

Do you have a family member or friend who has been arrested? National Bonding Company is here to help.

We understand that these situations can be scary and emotional, but we have the best bail agents in Connecticut to get your loved ones out of jail as fast as possible.


We are open 24/7 so that you never have to worry about anyone stuck in a jail cell. We work to get families back together and friends back home. We understand how important your freedom is.


National Bonding Company bondmen’s want to help and know exactly how to do that. Call us today and get the process started.

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A Person Is Arrested on Suspicion of a Crime.

We specialize in all types of bail bonds. We work with Assault, Computer Crime, Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Violence, Drug Crime, Drug Trafficking, DUI, Felony, Failure to Appear, Identity Theft, Immigration, Juvenile, Larceny/ Theft, Marijuana, Parole Violation, Sex Crime, Weapons Violation, and White Collar Crimes. 





The Judge Sets a Bail Amount Depending on the Severity of the Crime and the Likelihood of Non-attendance.

Call the National Bonding Company immediately. We can help you get out of jail and back home with your loved ones. 

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Defendants or Their Representatives (National Bonding Co.) Post Bail.

The National Bonding Company will help walk you through every step of the bond process. 





Provided the Person Attends Court the Bail Money Is Returned

It is imperative that the defendant shows up for the court date.

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The Person Is Released on Bail With a Date in the
Future to Attend Court.

The National Bonding Company works to get you out of jail. Call us today to start the process! 


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We Work For YOU

National Bonding Company works for you. We understand our clients want the fastest release from jail and we work to make that happen. Our team is there for you throughout the entire process. From the first call to our bail agents to the return home, we are helping you the entire time. We want you to understand each step and feel comfortable along the way. We work for YOU.

Our Bail Bondsmen Are Highly Trained

Each of our bail bondsmen are highly trained with many years of experience. We ensure they complete all rigorous modules of our training program up to the National Bond Co standard. We value employing the best bondsmen to give our clients the best experience during a scary and stressful situation. We are efficient in our process and because of this we receive referrals because of their highly rate experience.

In Connecticut? We got you covered

We have bail bondsmen across the entire state of Connecticut to make sure you are covered no matter where you are. We are open 24/7 because these situations are time sensitive and happen when you are least expecting. We are able to assist you as soon as you need help.

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Call our Bail Bondsmen Today Get bailed out of jail in Connecticut

Each one of our bail bondsmen in the state of Connecticut are licensed to bond you out. We make sure all our employees are licensed before beginning any bond business.

The cost of bail bonds is set by the Connecticut Insurance Department. Before the process can move forward, our bondsmen need a signed authorization form, which is Step 2 in our steps to bail. You cannot pay the full premium before bailing you out, payment plans can be arranged. Please call with any questions you have regarding payments.

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