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Essential Things You Should Know About Assault Bail Bonds

Posting bail for an assault charge can be challenging if you’re hard-pressed for money. You may even need to ask for help from your friends, family, and colleagues. This situation can be stressful for you and your loved ones.

Instead of facing the brunt of your bail amount, you can just reach out to an exceptional provider of Connecticut bail bonds.

How Does A Bail Bond for Assault Work?

A bail bond is a quick and reliable solution to your assault charge. Typical bail bonds in Connecticut can cover the expensive bail issued by the court. Connecticut bail bonds don’t have the same amounts because they’re usually affected by the severity of the charge and other circumstances.

The Normal Bail Bond Process

After you’ve been booked at the police station, the presiding officer will bring you to the court for the arraignment. Once the judge has indicated the amount and allowed you to post bail, you must be able to pay the amount. Otherwise, you will get locked up for many days or weeks. To avoid this from happening, you must contact a company issuing 24 hour bail bonds.

A bail bondsman will assess your case and personal background. Afterwards, the bondsman will discuss payment methods, related fees, and other important conditions. During the negotiation process, you also have the option to avail of discounts.

Temporary Freedom and Your Responsibility

The best bail bonds in Connecticut will guarantee your temporary freedom without hurting your wallet. However, you must be responsible enough to attend your upcoming court hearings. Based on the Connecticut legal system, bail bond companies must compel their clients to attend hearings without delays and excuses.

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The Types of Assault and Their Related Penalties

Assault is divided into several types. Each type of assault has a specific form of punishment and associated bail amount. By understanding your assault charge, you can prepare for the consequences that might be imposed by the court.

Assault Stipulations

Stipulations are common among assault charges. A stipulation is an agreement between two parties arranged by the court. Assault stipulations protect the victim from further harassment, especially if the defendant was granted bail.

The most common assault stipulation is related to distance. Under an assault stipulation, the defendant must stay away from the victim for a distance of up to 100 feet. The distance might increase depending on the severity of the assault charge. This basic stipulation parameter is included in many Connecticut bail bonds.

Another related assault stipulation is a no-contact order. This stipulation states that the defendant must not contact the victim’s friends, family, and colleagues. A formal bail bond process also includes this assault parameter.

Failure to follow the assault stipulations will nullify the defendant’s bail. This will lead to the defendant’s arrest with an even heavier punishment.

Common or Simple Assault

The first type of assault is related to mild verbal threats and physical altercation. If you threatened a person verbally, he or she might file for a basic assault charge. This charge has a typical minimum bail amount of $1,500 and one-year imprisonment. A common assault charge is also known as a 3rd-degree assault.

Aggravated Assault

If you attacked someone with a weapon or you intentionally caused serious injuries, you might be charged with aggravated assault or 2nd-degree assault. This is a Class D Felony that has a jail sentence of up to five years and a fine of less than $10,000. Connecticut bail bonds related to 2nd-degree assault have higher fees compared to 3rd-degree assault bonds.

Serious Assault

The 1st-degree assault is the highest assault charge that a defendant might face. This assault charge covers serious harmful activities such as maiming someone with a weapon, shooting and hitting someone and intentionally triggering situations that might cause death or grave injuries. A 1st-degree assault charge has a minimum imprisonment time of five years and can reach twenty years depending on the nature of the offense. Connecticut bail bonds for 1st-degree assault charges can reach as high as $25,000 excluding fees.

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Beyond Arrest - What You Should Look Out For

Getting arrested for an assault charge can be terrifying. You might get stressed with the booking process, and you also have to prepare your wallet for bail and respective fees. During the arrest, it’s best to keep calm and watch out for situations that might occur.

The Consequences of Not Posting Bail

You have the option to skip bail. However, this is not an advisable move because you might receive a jail sentence of at least one year. Unless getting imprisoned is your goal, you should always pay for bail or secure the help of a dependable bail bondsman.

Aside from jail time, the court will charge you with additional fees. These fees will drain your finances slowly and trap your family in a cycle of debt.

Why Bail Bond Companies Help People?

Bail bond companies help people because they believe in fair justice for everyone. Also, bail bond operators intend to keep their businesses afloat by offering fair surety bonds and cash bonds for people charged with assault.

Most bail bond companies such as National Bonding Company are also eager to raise awareness about the legal policies in Connecticut and other nearby states.

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Settling Out of Court

Some assault charges get settled out of court. This is only possible if the victim has suddenly decided to retract the case and settle for payment.

If you’re not sure regarding the victim’s decision to settle out of court, you must keep your bail bond contacts ready. Call a bail bondsman as soon as the judge allowed you to pay the bail for your assault charge.

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Important Things You Have to Know About Bail Bond Amounts

The amount of Connecticut bail bonds for assault depends on a number of circumstances. A bail agent typically considers the nature of the offense and the character background of the accused.

Bail Bond Amount Based on Assault Type

The bail amount for a verbal assault allegation starts at $1,000, so the bail process will reflect the same price. But keep in mind that a common bail bonds service for assault has some related fees that can be distributed over the next weeks or months. It’s very likely that the total bond fee can go beyond $1,500.

For aggravated assault, the bail bond amount can reach $5,000 or even higher. At first glance, you might think that this bail bond amount is problematic. However, a reliable bail bondsman can offer easy payment plans that can be settled within a month or two. Most bail bondsmen will require you to settle a downpayment, covering up to 10% of the bail issued by the bail commissioner. A competent professional bail bondsman can even lower the downpayment fee to 8%.

A sexual assault bail bond is even pricier than a regular assault case. Another complication of this type of assault is the reputation of the defendant. If the defendant is in a precarious situation, the judge might set the bail at 10x the amount of the regular assault case. The judge might even force you to pay additional fees at the next court date. At this rate, you should contact the help of reliable bail bondsmen. These bail agents can cover the usual court fees and ease the financial burden on your family’s shoulders. You can even negotiate with a local bail bondsman to get a 24-hour cash bond instead of the traditional surety bond. The advantage of the cash bond bail process is the fact that you can get your money back on the next court hearing.

Character Background

While the amount of Connecticut bail bonds rely on the judge’s decision, your character background can still make a difference. The bail bondsman will assess your personal background, profession, and assault charge. Based on your profile, the bail bond agent might offer a lower downpayment fee, manageable payment plans, and lower overall cash bond fees.

Discounts for Bail Bond Services

Occasionally, you might encounter some opportunities to secure discount coupons for bail bond services. Some popular coupons for bail bond services can reduce hundreds of dollars from your total bail bond amount. These coupons are time-constrained and must be availed within the next 12 or 24 hours.