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Burglary Bail Bonds: What You Need to Know

A burglary charge can make anyone anxious. You’d even feel more stressed if you suddenly realized that you don’t have the capacity to pay for the bail amount. Since you’re pressured, you might feel the urge to borrow money from your friends and family. Resist the temptation – get a bail bond instead!

What is A Burglary Bail Bond?

A burglary bail bond is a type of surety bond designed to cover the full amount of a bail. Defendants usually turn to bail bonds if they don’t have enough money for posting bail. Practically, bail bonds are better options than loans or borrowed money because of low weekly fees.

Applying for a bail bond is a quick process that can be accomplished online. You only need to fill up an online form and wait for the agent’s approval. This usually takes 30 minutes or less for low-degree burglary crimes. For higher burglary degrees, you may need to meet the bail agent.

If you’re looking for a bail bond company, you can never go wrong with National Bonding Company. Our team offers competitive bail bond services in Connecticut, and we also have generous rates and repayment terms. Instead of spending a night in a jail cell, you should just contact a bail agent from our team and get the burglary bail bond that you need.

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What Affects A Burglary Bond's Amount?

The main factor that affects a burglary bond’s amount is the nature of the crime. If the crime is serious, the bail bond company will adjust the payment terms and initial fees. It’s possible that a defendant of a serious burglary charge can only settle a fraction of the bond amount before the first court date. However, if the crime is not heavy, the defendant can settle half the bond amount before the next hearing.

The bail bond company also considers the character and criminal record of the defendant. If you don’t have an outstanding criminal record, the bail bond company will give you better repayment terms. In the long run, competitive terms can offset an expensive bail amount.

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The Different Types of Burglary Bail Bonds

Not all bail bonds for burglary are the same. They are also separated into different categories with varying rates, conditions, and release periods. If you’re aware of your burglary charge, you will figure out the type of bail bond services that you need.

First Degree Burglary Bond

A first degree burglary charge pertains to the act of stealing personal property with the intent to cause harm. First degree burglary charges, once proven, have a prison sentence of up to 15 years and a bail of $150,000 or higher.

The process for getting a first-degree burglary bond is longer because bail bondsmen have to analyze all factors related to the case. Some bail bondsmen are also part of small bail agencies, so putting up the money will indeed take time. If you’re facing a first-degree burglary charge, you must choose a bail bondsperson from a skilled and experienced agency or company.

Second Degree Burglary Bond

Second degree burglary bail bonds in Connecticut are less expensive that first degree bonds. Still, a second-degree burglary charge is a serious offense that has a prison sentence of approximately 10 years. The bail amount for second degree burglary charges can easily reach $100,000.

Third Degree Burglary Bond

Third degree burglary bonds cover the basic aspects of burglary. A suspect convicted of a third-degree burglary charge can face up to 5 years of imprisonment. Unlawful entry in an establishment is also covered by third degree burglary charges.

Fourth Degree Burglary Bond

The most common type of burglary bond is fourth degree bond. Connecticut residents accused of fourth degree burglary charges are usually found with the intent to steal something.

Fourth degree bail bonds are affordable and can be released within an hour or less. The typical cost of fourth degree bail bonds is $2,500. The cost can go higher or lower depending on several factors and court conditions.

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The Next Things to Do After Your Burglary Arrest

The booking process for a burglary charge is methodical. Police officers follow important steps to gather information related to your burglary case. Once the process is complete, you will always get the chance to find 24 hour bail bonds from a reputable bail company.

Additionally, you must contact your friends and family members. If you feel that a booking process is violating your rights, you should invoke your right to talk to a lawyer.

Find A Dependable Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

Reaching out to a group of Connecticut bail bondsmen is an excellent way to get bail bonds for theft or burglary. An active group will have bail bond company referrals and useful information about burglary charges. You can even find a bail bondsman near the facility that you’re detained in.

Aside from a group of bail agents in Connecticut, you can hop on to a search engine and input the keywords related to your location (i.e. bail bonds New London). Most modern websites with CT easy payment plans are well-optimized for quick searches.

Blogs and forums are also great sources of bail bond information and referrals. You can even find the latest updates about Connecticut’s burglary laws and policies.

Submit Important Documents

You need to submit specific documents prior to a bail bond application. Most agents require an Authorization Form – a document that allows the agent to put up the bail money on the defendant’s behalf. A bail company might also need a co-signer form.

The other documents that you should have are ID photocopies, certifications, and proofs of union memberships. Don’t hesitate to ask an agent for a complete list of official documents.

Finalize the Payment Option

Many bail agencies have different payment options for their clients. The popular method is credit card payment because of the level of automation that it can bring. Other notable options are money courier, direct cash payment, and cashiers’ checks.

Always communicate to the bail agent if you need a different payment method. The agent will likely give you a plethora of choices that will make repayment easier.

Take Note of Court Dates and Conditions

After receiving your temporary freedom, you’re still on the way to a lengthy trial. Always review the specific conditions set by the court, and do not miss a court date. Failure to attend a court hearing will lead to your immediate arrest and an FTA (failure to appear) charge.

A bail bondsperson from National Bonding Company will always remind you of an upcoming court hearing. Our bail company is required by the state law to ensure that all clients attend their respective hearings.