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Disorderly Conduct Bail Bonds

Disorderly conduct is one of the most common crimes reported worldwide. Usually, disorderly conduct or minor misdemeanor is covered by bail, but some people still couldn’t get the cash needed to bail out of prison. Fortunately, many companies are willing to offer bail bond services for disorderly conduct charges.

How Disorderly Conduct Bail Bonds Can Help You

Disorderly conduct bail bonds are surety bonds that guarantee the release of an incarcerated person. While not all offenses are covered by bail bonds, disorderly conduct is considered the most common. If you’re charged with disorderly conduct and you don’t have any money to post bail, a bail bondsman can help you right away.

Facing a disorderly conduct charge can be scary because you might end up imprisoned for up to three months. Also, the cost of your disorderly conduct bail depends on the nature of the offense. Despite the steep costs related to a disorderly conduct charge, you can still save money through the common bail bond process. Simply contact a company specializing in Connecticut bail bonds and explain your situation. Depending on the circumstances and the policies of the local bail bondsman, you might be able to get reasonable rates for a disorderly conduct bail bond.

National Bonding Company will handle the bail bond process and ensure that you won’t have to do jail time for more than a day. With just a phone call, a bail bondsman from the National Bonding Company will assess your Class C Misdemeanor charge and offer the lowest bail prices. The company will handle all the paperwork related to the Class C Misdemeanor bail.


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Examples of Disorderly Conduct - An Overview

Disorderly conduct is a catch-all phrase related to minor misdemeanors and offenses. Each disorderly conduct offense is associated with a specific bail amount determined by the judge.

Take a look at the different types of disorderly conduct charges:

Unreasonable Noise

Disorderly conduct charges related to unreasonable noise are fairly common. Unreasonable and unnecessary noise is often reported in suburban areas, establishments, and hotels located near bars or entertainment areas.

Fighting in Public

If you’re engaged in a public fight and many people were aggravated, the police officer might pick you up and charge you with disorderly conduct. Once detained, you will be scheduled for a court date unless you can pay the bail or secure the help of a bail bond provider.

Traffic Obstruction

Vehicular obstruction is another common offense typically encountered by bail bondsmen in Harford CT. If you intentionally block traffic in a street despite being warned, a police officer will arrest you. In some situations, traffic obstruction can be resolved by persons involved even without police interval.

Causing Neighborhood Annoyance

Mild annoyance is actually a simple trigger for many people to report disorderly conduct. Some of the activities related to mild annoyance in neighborhood are ringing doorbells indiscriminately, spreading bad gossip, messing up lawns, defecating in the street, and bullying people.

The Intent of Violence or Assault

While assault is a different criminal charge, the intent of assault falls under the web of disorderly conduct. Once you’ve issued a verbal threat against someone, that person might file a misdemeanor charge. If you’re guilty, the police will take you into custody for further investigation.

Illegal or Improper Event Set-Ups

A single public event can affect the morale of people and incite trouble. Unfortunately, even a well-meaning event can rub people the wrong way. You have no control over this, especially if a person files a complaint. The best thing that you can do is to calm down and research the companies that can provide fair-priced Connecticut bail bonds within a day.

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What's Next After You're Arrested For A Disorderly Conduct Charge?

Getting arrested for a misdemeanor charge is an unpleasant experience. You might start getting depressed as soon as the police take you in for questioning. Once you’re detained, however, you’d have the proper options to turn the verdict around and start walking like a free man.

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Why You Should Pay the Bail?

The main reason why you should post bail is to ensure your immediate freedom. Under Connecticut law, you have the right to get out of prison if you can post the bail related to your charge. If you can’t post the bail, you will receive the maximum penalty related to the offense. You also need to attend the next trial date scheduled by the judge.

Another reason that might compel you to pay for bail is your criminal record. Once you’ve served time for a misdemeanor charge, your criminal record is marked permanently. This record will affect your chances of securing a better job in the future.

Don’t lose hope if you can’t pay for the bail in court. A reliable bail bondsman will prepare a surety bond to cover the full bail amount. The bail bond agent will negotiate fair payment plans to help you settle the bond once you’re free.

The Booking Process

During the booking process, the police will ask you about your personal information and other important things related to your disorderly conduct charge. You won’t get incarcerated right away because the police will also get your mugshot. After the booking process, the police will detain you for at least 24 hours. Within this time frame, you can make a phone call to your friends and relatives if ever you need bail assistance.

While being booked, you must be respectable and truthful. Do not withhold information related to your identity or misdemeanor charge. If you feel that you’re being harassed, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer who will coordinate with the police.

It’s always a wise decision to contact a provider of Connecticut bail bonds right after the booking process. This way, the bail bond agent can coordinate with police officers and get the right information about your case.

Why Do Bail Bondsmen Offer Reasonable Bail Bond Services?

Bail bond companies in Hartford CT have a mission of helping clients who don’t have the cash to settle for their bail. Unfortunately, not all of these companies offer reasonable bail bond amounts. Some bail bond providers have huge fees that can compromise a client’s finances.

The situation is different with National Bonding Company. The company’s bail bond services in Hartford CT have affordable fees categorized into a flexible payment schedule. Once you’ve contacted National Bonding Company regarding bail bonds, an agent will relay fair payment plans based on your financial capabilities. You won’t feel compromised at all.

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