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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds - What You
Need to Know and Understand

It’s not easy to face a domestic violence (DV) case. Aside from paying for an expensive DV bail, you must cover additional fees and your common day-to-day expenses. You will also get stressed with the trial schedule and the reputation damage that a DV charge can bring.

The best alternative to a pricey DV bail is a domestic violence bail bond from a reputable company.

How Can Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Help You?

Even though domestic violence is considered a form of misdemeanor, it can still tarnish your reputation. Aside from that, a domestic violence charge can put a dent in your wallet or bank account. If you don’t want to spend jail time but you don’t have the cash for bail, you should consider getting a domestic violence bail bond.

A domestic violence bail bond is a surety bond offered by a reliable bail bondsman. This bail bond covers the full amount of a domestic violence bail, and it also offers flexible repayment terms. Getting a bail bond is always better than paying bail straight out of your cash because of the minimal fees required. A reputable bail bond company has a lower down payment rate compared to the immediate full amount required by the court.

With the help of the National Bonding Company, you no longer have to worry about a court’s expensive bail amount. National Bonding Company is ready to offer affordable 24-hour bail bond services that can get you out of jail immediately.


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Important Things You Have to Know About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious charge and allegation. Usually, people believe that domestic violence is just about a husband hitting his wife or vice versa. However, domestic violence has numerous types that can affect the bail amount and the punishment involved.

Physical Abuse

As you’re probably aware, physical abuse is the act of using violence in a confrontation. If you accidentally hit your wife or partner, that can be counted as physical abuse. Among the types of domestic violence, physical abuse is the most tangible and easily proven. Lots of physical abusers were often sentenced to a long jail time because their abuses were seen all over their partners’ bodies.

Sexual Abuse

Another common type of grave domestic violence is sexual abuse. Forcing your partner to have sex is a proper ground for sexual abuse, leading to harsh punishments and a bail amount that can go beyond $1,000. Proving a sexual abuse allegation is a longer process because it involves lab tests and a thorough investigation. A domestic violence trial on grounds of sexual abuse will also take a long time, possibly from three months to a year. Some trials can even stretch further.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is all about having harmful behavior that involves dehumanizing and undermining a person’s confidence and self-worth. Some of the harmful activities related to emotional abuse are name-calling, gaslighting, manic control, stonewalling, contemptuous mannerisms, verbal threats, and causing embarrassment to a person. Despite being classified as a crucial part of domestic violence, emotional abuse is difficult to prove in court. A DV charge based on emotional abuse requires a lengthy trial filled with cross-examinations and investigative procedures.

Economic Abuse

A domestic violence allegation concerned with economic abuse is all about the tight control of financial assets in a marriage or cohabitation. If a spouse feels that she doesn’t get the proper economic resources such as cash and necessary materials, she might file for a domestic violence charge. More often than not, domestic violence allegations related to economic abuse are settled outside of court. This type of domestic violence can be proven through detailed witness statements, financial statements, and other related financial documents.

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Domestic Violence Bail Fees Will Hurt Your Finances

The bail amount for a domestic violence case is enough to drain your wallet or bank account. You may even end up borrowing money from your family and friends. Aside from the bail amount, you also have to worry about bail fees and miscellaneous court expenses.

One of the quick ways to mitigate the effects of DV bail fees is to get a cash bond related to domestic violence charges. Cash bonds are not too different from Connecticut bail bonds, and they will help you save money as the trial continues.

What Happens After You're Arrested for A Domestic Violence Charge?

Once you’re arrested and detained for a domestic violence charge, you have the option to pay bail out of your pocket or get released based on personal recognizance. The latter option is very difficult to achieve because of the numerous factors involved.

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Domestic Violence Type - A Driving Factor

As stated above, there are different types of domestic violence. Each type of DV charge has a related set of punishment and bail amount, but the judge can still make changes based on the suspect’s criminal history, professional background, reputation, and gathered evidence.

Understanding the grounds of your DV charge will help you decide to pay for bail directly or settle for a domestic violence bail bond. A trustworthy domestic violence bond agent is always ready to offer an affordable DV bail bond at an affordable rate. You can even secure a low-rate cash bond as long as you’re ready to attend the next court hearing.

Character - First Impressions Last in Court

Character is the usual safety net of a person accused of domestic violence charges. Sometimes, a person with a strong character backed up by the community can get away with a short jail time and a reduced bail amount. Finding proof of your character requires a thorough background check and additional investigation that might take a few days.

If you believe that your character won’t make the cut, you should start looking for the best bail bond agents in Connecticut as soon as possible. While the court employees are doing the background check, you can rely on a domestic violence bail bond to secure your temporary freedom.

Professional Background - Even Your Career Takes Center Stage

A stable professional career almost always indicates a person’s aversion to crime. One reason for this is the risk of losing a high-paying job after a controversial arrest. During the court hearing, the judge might consider the implications of your career and the strength of the evidence presented against you. Combined with the type of domestic violence charge, your career has a fair chance of swaying the odds in your favor.

Situations That Might Occur While Being Booked for A DV Charge

The booking process for domestic violence cases is straightforward. First, the police officer will get your personal information and other details relevant to the charge. Always be honest with the officer and do your best to answer all questions being asked. Second, the officer will detain you in the facility for at least a day unless you can settle the bail for domestic violence. You also have the option to contact a criminal lawyer for your sexual domestic violence charge.

If there’s conflicting information from the complainant and the accused, the police might not proceed with the booking. Rather, the officer might urge both sides to settle the problem outside of court. Still, this situation depends on the type of domestic assault and the safety of the complainant.

The police might even confiscate some illegal paraphernalia from your things, therefore leading up to additional criminal charges. You need to have a quick backup plan once this situation happens. Keep your friends and family members close, but you should also be ready to contact a reliable bail bonds company.

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Important Factors Affecting Domestic Violence Bail Bond Amounts

Bail bond amounts for DV charges depend on a number of essential factors. Some bail bond companies are strict regarding theseactors, while others are lenient.

Court Requirements

Court requirements usually determine the cost of your domestic violence bail bond amount. The bail amount is determined by the judge and the bail bondsman makes the proper adjustments. Usually, the bail bondsman will require a small down payment for the bond. The down payment fee is lower than the full amount of the bail. After setting the fee, the bail bondsman will then offer easy payment plans that you can settle later.

Personal Background

Your personal background is a strong determiner of bail bond amount. If you have a passable personal background without a criminal history, you can get an inexpensive surety bond in a quick and easy manner.

Discounts and Payment Plans

Bail bond companies offer numerous discounts through their websites and social media accounts. A discount coupon can slash at least $100 from your bail bond amount, and some discount rates can even go higher. Also, a well-structured payment plan will help you settle the bail bond without any problems.