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Important Things You Have to Know About Drug Crime Bail Bonds

Getting arrested for a larceny or theft charge can be a stressful experience for you and your family. The thought of getting incarcerated can also take its toll on your mind, body, and finances.

You don’t have to feel alone while facing an impending larceny or theft charge. A bail bond agent is always ready to help through the means of quick, wallet-friendly bail bonds.

How Drug Crime Bail Bonds Can Help You

Basically, a bail bond is a binding agreement that secures the release of a defendant. Even if you don’t have money to pay for bail, the bail bondsman will pay on your behalf. Once you’re released, you need to work with the bail bond company to pay what you currently owe.

Recently, courts have become stricter with drug charges. Due to this progressive change, the cost of bail bonds has increased. You might encounter bail bond companies with high fees and stringent conditions based on the felony. The general amount of bail for drug crimes also depends on the policies of a state or a certain location.

With the help of National Bonding Company, you don’t have to worry about excessive fees. The company offers flexible bail bonds and cash bonds with a quick response. National Bonding Company will ensure that you won’t face a long jail time aside from the overnight detention period typically ordered by a judge.

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What Happens After The Arrest?

Once you’re taken into custody, the police officer will get your information and put you in a holding cell or a county jail. Afterward, you’d have the option to pay cash bail. The amount of bail depends on your current charge and criminal record. Don’t forget to stay calm because getting arrested is not the end of the world for you.

If you cannot pay the bail amount, you must remain in custody until the preliminary hearing. Usually, the trial judge will schedule the hearing within five days or less. During the arraignment, you can take a not guilty plea and take the option of bail. At this point, you should contact your family members and friends to raise the proper bail amount. Choosing the guilty plea will, almost always, lead you to prison with a hefty drug charge.

As soon as possible, you must also contact a bail bondsman to help you issue bail in court. In fact, you must do this before the first hearing with a bond judge. By doing so, you might end up with a lower bail bond amount and lenient sanctions. However, the situation is different if you’re a repeat offender charged with multiple drug crimes.

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Unique Situations During A Drug Offense Booking

While most bookings related to drug possession are seamless, there are some situations to watch out for. The arresting officer might discover previous drug charges that you were involved in. These drug charges might convince the judge to suspend your chance to bail. In this case, you need to contact a reliable criminal defense attorney.

Your reputation is also an important factor during the booking process. If you’re somehow being linked to alleged heavy drug crimes, the judge might deny your chance to post bail. The same situation applies if you’re considered a flight risk or you have a business being linked to drug trafficking of a controlled substance.

Educational background is another factor that might affect the booking’s outcome. The officer usually has additional questions related to your educational attainment. Any information you provided may or may not be used in future court appearances.

Any controlled substances confiscated by the officer can also increase the length of the investigation. The presiding officer might even detain you in jail for more than a day.

Bail Bond Companies: What's In It For Them?

The primary mission of bail bond companies is to help promote fair justice within their locale. The National Bond Company, for example, screens a defendant thoroughly before issuing a bail bond. Once the person is being arrested due to possession of a critical substance like heroin, the National Bonding Company undertakes all measures to reduce the cost of bail or get the person off the hook.

The Crucial Factors Affecting Your Bail Bond Amount

The amount of your bail is dependent on a number of observable factors. These factors are the nature of your offense, character background, state laws, and court expenses.

The Crime In Question

Unlike smaller felonies, drug trafficking has a relatively high bail amount exacerbated by additional court fees. If you’re charged with drug trafficking, drug possession, or a more serious crime, you must have a thick wallet to handle the bail. Otherwise, just contact the nearest firm specializing in drug crime bail bonds.

Character Check

Throughout the booking process, the officer-in-charge will run an in-depth character background check. Be honest with the officer because any criminal case uncovered might affect your chances of getting an affordable amount of bail.

If you feel that you’re being undermined during the investigation, simply contact a professional attorney. With the attorney’s presence, you can now answer questions related to the investigation.

Your professional reputation is also essential for having your bond reduced. The process requires thorough negotiation with the bail bondsman. In some cases, the bondsman might offer a quick cash bond opportunity just to help you avoid spending time in jail.