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DUI Bail Bonds

Are you currently facing a DUI (Driving Under Influence or drunk driving) charge? This charge can hinder your job and business, and it can even stress you for the coming weeks.

If you’ve been given the chance to post bail for a DUI offense, you should get a DUI bail bond as soon as possible. The typical bail bond process is fast and hassle-free.

What is A DUI Bond?

A DUI bail bond is a surety bond or cash bond meant to cover the full amount of DUI bail. You can get a DUI bond if you don’t have the money or if you’re not willing to borrow money from friends and family members.

Getting a DUI bond is more practical than the average personal loan. Most DUI bonds have initial fees within the 10% range, and some can even have lower amounts. Loans, on the other hand, might set you back by as much as 150% of the bail amount!

National Bonding Company is here to help you with an affordable, quick-release DUI bond. We understand that jail time can be scary, so we’re here to help you attain freedom. Our bail agents are also responsive and can reach you anywhere within Connecticut.

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The Next Steps After Your DUI Arrest

It’s normal to get stressed or frightened during the booking process for a crime. You might feel that the police department is cramped, or the officers are out to imprison you without probable cause. Even though the booking process is scary, you must do your best to calm down. The police officers are just following the procedure.

As a defendant, you can follow some important steps while you’re being detained.

Cooperate With The Police

During the booking process for your DUI charge, you must answer all of the questions asked by police officers. The police will just gather details about your identification and case. If you feel that a question is compromising, you’re always free to seek the assistance of a lawyer.

You should also save a few numbers of bail agents while you’re being booked for the DUI charge. This will help you save time later if you intend to get a DUI bond.

Contact A Bail Bondsman

Once your arraignment is finished, you can contact a bail agent and apply for a bail bond. The application process is fast, and you can get approved within 30 minutes or less. DUI bail bonds are practically faster than other types of bonds.

Most bail companies allow online applications. On a company’s website, you can fill up an application form and send it out. Afterwards, the bail bond agent will visit you and finalize the bond’s release.

Call Your Family and Friends

While your bail bond is being processed, don’t forget to call your friends and loved ones. Ask them for their support and presence because the bail agent might need their signatures for a co-signing agreement.

Your friends and family can also help you with the fulfillment of a bail bond’s deposit fee. A DUI bond’s deposit fee is not expensive, but any contributed amount can ease the financial burden.

Attend All Upcoming Court Hearings

Once your DUI bond has been approved, you are free to go. However, you must attend your upcoming court hearings. The bail agent will inform you about the court schedule and your responsibility to attend.

Failing to attend your DUI court hearing will lead to additional punishments and an FTA (failure-to-appear) charge. The bail bondsman might even add penalties to your bail bond account.

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The Factors Affecting a DUI Bail Bond Amount

A DUI bail bond’s amount is affected by numerous factors. Knowing these factors will help you adjust you prepare for the repayment terms offered by a bail bond company.

The Severity of the Crime

The nature of the crime affects the amounts of bail bonds. If your DUI case is not serious, your bail bond amount can be set for less than $1,500. Serious DUI crimes, however, have high amounts that can drain your wallet.

The Bail Amount

Once the judge has factored in the nature of your crime, he or she will set the bail amount. The bail amount represents a huge chunk of your bail bond. If your bail amount is $5,000, for example, you must cover this amount in the repayment agreement set by the bail bondsman. The initial fee is approximately 8-10% of the DUI bail amount.

You can always negotiate with the bail bondsman if money is really tight. Some bail agents are willing to lower rates and fees if you have a decent personal reputation or criminal history.

Bond Fees and Discounts

Bond fees are the ways bail companies make money. Somehow, a bail bond fee works like an interest rate. If you miss a bail bond payment, the company might impose extra penalty fees.

Discount coupons are limited opportunities that you can find on a company’s website or social media page. A coupon can slash off specific amounts from your bail bond fees. The typical coupons on company pages are $20, $30, and $50 options.

Don’t hesitate to ask for coupons from National Bonding Company’s bail bond agents. We’re always ready to offer fair prices and discounts for all of our clients.

Miscellaneous Court Costs

Even though miscellaneous court costs are smaller and more negligible than the bail amount, they still add up. Depending on the court, the miscellaneous fees can reach higher than $100!

In most cases, the bail bond covers the miscellaneous court costs. However, it’s still possible that a court might ask for separate payment of miscellaneous fees.