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Failure to Appear Bail Bonds

Missing your court appointment is a big mistake. However, there are some situations that might cause you to fail to appear in the next court hearing. Once this happens, the judge has the power to give you a failure to appear (FTA) charge with additional penalties and fees.

An FTA charge is bailable. To avoid deeper financial burden and a long jail time, you should consider looking around for Connecticut bail bonds.

How FTA Bail Bonds Work?

Failure to appear bonds work in a rather simple way. Instead of using your own cash for bail, you can just apply for a failure to appear surety bond. With an FTA bail bond, you also don’t have to borrow money from your friends and relatives.

Application and Screening

Applying for FTA bail bonds is an easy thing to do. You just need to contact a bail bondsman through a website and fill up an application form. Afterwards, the bail bondsman will talk to you and analyze your case. Numerous factors are included in your application such as the nature of your case, profile background, and your reputation.

Timing is also another essential factor. Most websites offering Connecticut bail bonds have limited discount coupons and an extra-fast hotline. Calling through this hotline will help you secure an affordable failure to appear bail bond within 24 hours or less.

Surety Bonds vs Cash Bonds

A surety bail bond is enough to fully cover the bail amount of your FTA charge. This type of bail bond usually requires a downpayment fee. Most surety bail bonds have fair payment conditions but the total amount might go up depending on your case.

A cash bail bond is the same as a surety bail bond but it has lower fees and other conditions. Some cash bonds don’t require downpayment, while others do. Through a cash bond, you’d feel more inclined to attend the next court hearing because the court will reimburse the money (extra fees deducted). Despite this reimbursement, you still have to pay additional fees to the bail bondsman.

Whether you intend to use regular bail bonds or cash Connecticut bail bonds, you can benefit from them either way. Simply consider which bond type will work with your budget properly. Connecticut bail bonds with long payment terms might have bigger fees along the way, but the down payment fee is acceptable.

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Extra Factors Considered by the Local Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman considers many factors during the application process. You already know that your professional and personal backgrounds will make a difference. Another factor considered by bail bondsmen is the jail location. If the location is far from the bail bond company’s office, it can affect the overall rate of a bail bond. Still, each bail bond company is unique, and you might get a nice deal with the right contact.

Your demeanor also matters to the bail bond agent. Always respect the agent to get a decent bail bond with flexible payment options.

What's Next After You're Arrested for An FTA Charge?

Receiving a bench warrant from the court can be a terrifying or stressful experience. The police will pursue the warrant and find you across the state. Since your driver’s license is suspended by the warrant, you have no other choice but to follow the procedure.

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The Booking Process

The booking process for an FTA defendant is fast and straightforward. The police will examine your profile and criminal record, and you also have the initial chance to explain your situation.

Since the bench warrant has a wide reach, it will often allow the police to arrest you in your home or workplace. You should read the bench warrant as it is being offered and calmly follow the police. Don’t forget to contact your lawyer as well.

Once you’re under the custody of the police department, you will be referred to the nearest court. Usually, the judge will let you post bail for your FTA charge.

Your Option to Decline Bail

Even though it is not advisable, you still have the option to decline the bail. This approach is meant for relatively light criminal offenses with tolerable jail time and fines. You must be aware that the fines related to an FTA charge can reach as high as $10,000.

At any rate, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to decline bail because you can always get a bail bond with a fair bond amount. Most companies usually have a 10% fee of the bail’s total amount. The rate can go up or down depending on various circumstances.

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All About Failure to Appear Charge

Once you’ve failed to attend a court hearing, the judge will issue a bench warrant and have you arrested. The bench warrant will contain all the parameters of your charge including the associated penalties.

The Punishment

The jail sentence associated with your previous charge will serve as the main punishment. However, this sentence can even be longer based on the judge’s discretion. If your criminal charges are serious, the judge might even revoke the opportunity to post bail.

Another consequence of failing to appear in court is the immediate suspension of your driver’s license. The purpose of this sanction is to limit your travelling capabilities so you can’t avoid the bench warrant further.

Sometimes, an FTA charge falls under contempt of court. Contempt is considered a misdemeanor, and it will cause you to be instantly detained in the police department or a correctional facility.

The Bail Amount

The bail amount of your FTA charge depends on other previous charges that you have. You should expect that the amount can go beyond $1,000. Always coordinate with the bail commissioner to understand the full nature of your FTA bail. This way, you can look for reasonable bonds that can fit your budget preferences.

Getting Discounts for Bail Bonds

It’s possible to get discounts while applying for an FTA bail bond. The discounts are accessible through a bail company’s website or hotline. Some discount coupons can reduce the overall cost of your FTA bail bond, but they’re not always available. Combined with versatile payment options, bail bond discounts can lessen your current financial burden even more.

Finding a bail bond company with competent payment plans is easier said than done. A company won’t reveal its fees and policies right off the bat. Therefore, it’s important for you to have a list of bail bond companies with acceptable payment plans.

Social media is also an informative place where you can get information about bail bond discounts. From time to time, bail bond companies post information about their current discount offers and promos. Keep your eyes peeled for these beneficial offers so that you can get a bail bond as soon as possible.