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Connecticut Bail Bonds

Do you need to pay the bail for your recent criminal charge? You’re probably thinking of using your savings or borrowing cash from friends and family. Borrowing is not illegal, but it can strap you up for a life filled with financial burdens.

Instead of borrowing cash directly, you can just rely on the bail bond services offered by the National Bonding Company. Our company is experienced in handling all bail-related concerns, and we have numerous types of statewide bail bonds in Connecticut.


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The Arrest and Booking Process

Getting detained is a stressful experience – it’s even worst if you don’t have money to pay for bail! During the booking process, you must stay calm and contact a bail bond services provider like National Bonding Company. Do your best to answer the police’s questions honestly.

The Bail Amount and Extra Court Fees

Your bail amount is determined by numerous factors such as the severity of the crime, personal reputation, and criminal record. Some crimes have cheaper bail amounts while most crimes go beyond $5,000 in the total amount.

You must also shoulder miscellaneous cost fees. If the judge is lenient, the fees won’t be too high. The judge might even waive off some fees if you have a decent reputation.

Fulfilling the Bail Through the Assistance of A Bail Agent

Once you’re represented by a bail bondsman, you’re almost out of the woods. The agent will bring the bail money needed by the court. Additionally, the agent will inform you of the bail bond fees and extra charges.

Court Date and Subsequent Hearings

Paying the bail of your case will reduce your anxiety, but this doesn’t mean that you’re already off the hook. You must attend the next court date set by the judge. The bail bondsman will ensure your cooperation through a legally binding agreement or direct coordination with an important family member.

Do not miss your subsequent court hearings. By doing so, you might incur additional punishments and court expenses. Still, if you were charged with FTA (failure to appear), you can always get an additional bail bond from National Bonding Company.

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National Bonding Company Reachable Anywhere in Connecticut

As long as your case is being handled anywhere in Connecticut, National Bonding Company can offer direct assistance. We have a wide service coverage reaching Connecticut’s metropolitan towns and locales.

These are the towns covered by our statewide bail process:
Our company is knowledgeable of the booking processes of the towns mentioned. In every jail location, we have a respective bail bond agent ready to offer assistance.
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National Bonding Company - Our Main Services

National Bonding Company has numerous services that you can avail of. Our local bail bondsmen are ready to help you understand these services.

Bail Calculator

You don’t have to second-guess the total bail bond amount for your criminal charge. Our fast and accurate bail calculator will do the trick.

All you have to do is enter the amount of the bail set by the judge. The calculator has other parameters such as union membership information or military service information. Inputting these parameters will reduce the amount of bail reflected in the calculator. Once the details are filled in, you will get the final amount that must be settled with our bail bondsmen.

Payment Plans and Terms

National Bonding Company has flexible payment plans and terms for all bail bonds. Our surety bail bond is the most popular option that offers a flat rate of up to 10%. Unlike other Connecticut bail bonds, our fees are easy to understand and settle. We also offer cash bonds with acceptable payment terms that won’t stretch your budget greatly.

Once you’ve contacted our local bail bondsman, don’t hesitate to ask questions about our rates. We might even offer discounts based on your professional background, criminal charge, and reputation.

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Secure A Bail Bond Through National
Bonding Company

National Bonding Company is always here for you. Our affordable bail bond will guarantee your temporary freedom in less than 12 hours. Through our bail bond, you no longer have to worry about sinking in debt or borrowing money from family and friends. Our bail bond agency also offers the best payment terms and rates that will fit your budget.

Contact National Bonding Company today to get your bail bond!