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Immigration Bail Bonds

An immigration charge is a complicated case that can drain your finances. If you’ve been charged with an immigration offense, you will be tried in an immigration court. While getting approved for immigration bail can ease your problem a little, you will definitely incur some debts. Your family and friends might also become stressed regarding your money problems.

If you’re approved for bail, you shouldn’t hesitate to get an immigration bond. There are several types of immigration bonds that you should be aware of.

Understanding Immigration Bail Bonds

Understanding how immigration bail bonds work will help you make financial adjustments and considerations. Not all bail bond companies offer the same types of immigration bonds, but they are all similar to each other.

Immigration Cash Bonds

Immigration cash bonds are almost the same as surety bonds. One of the advantages of a cash bond is its quick processing. Typically, a bail bondsman can release an immigration bond within a few minutes after the application has been completed. Most cash bonds have lower deposit fees and higher fulfillment terms. This isn’t always the case because cash bonds are also flexible.

National Bonding Company offers cash bonds within the 8-10% deposit range. We also accept cashier’s checks and postal cash deliveries to secure the bond.

Delivery Bond

The delivery bond is similar to a surety bond offered by a bail agency. The only difference is the fact that a delivery bond is stricter, and it has extra conditions imposed by the court’s immigration judge. Delivery bonds are usually meant for high-scale immigration cases with bail amounts reaching $15,000 or more. Connecticut immigration and customs enforcement policies also have specific conditions for delivery bonds. Therefore, all bail agents are required to coordinate with customs enforcement before finalizing a bond.

Once you’ve applied for a delivery bond, you must attend all scheduled immigration hearings. Missing any of the hearings might lead to additional penalties and potential jail time.

Voluntary Departure Bond

In uncommon cases, the judge allows the defendant to get a voluntary departure bond. This type of bond states that the immigrant must leave the country within a specified date. The immigrant will still cover the travel expenses, court costs, and the fees associated with the voluntary departure bond. Failure to abide by the conditions might incur additional jail time.

The Connecticut immigration and customs enforcement department is strict with voluntary departure bonds. If you’re planning to get this type of bond, always choose a skilled and experienced bail bondsman.

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The Process of Getting Immigration Bail Bonds

Nowadays, immigration bail bonds work in a faster and more efficient way. You can apply for an immigration bail bond through a company’s website or direct phone line. Most companies also have Facebook pages to allow faster processing and results.

Meeting Your Immigration Bail Bondsman

After the online application, you will have the chance to meet a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman is the person responsible for processing your bond. Additionally, the bail bondsman will clarify some details and discuss the bond terms. As a client, you have the right to negotiate for better terms and fees.

National Bonding Company’s respectable bail bondsmen are ready to explain the immigration bond process. We believe in transparency of information, and we’re also eager to spread awareness about bail bonds and Connecticut laws.

Submitting Forms and Documents

If you want faster results for your immigrant bail bond application, you should prepare the required forms and documents. The main document needed is the authorization form. In this form, you have to put your personal details and signature. The form authorizes the bail bondsman to post bail on your behalf. After you’ve signed and submitted the form, the agent will notify you if other documents are needed.

Some bail bond companies may require a co-signer. The co-signer is a friend or relative who must shoulder the bail bond amount in case the defendant flees. A co-signer form is a bail agency’s method of managing financial risk.

Paying for The Immigration Bail Bond

It’s easy to pay for your immigration bail bond. First, you have to choose a payment method from the options offered by a bail agent. Second, you must input additional details, especially if you intend to use a credit card. Most companies use credit cards because of payment automation and speed.

National Bonding Company offers a competitive standard fee of 10% for every immigration bail bond application. But don’t worry! Our agents can lower rates and fees based on your personal reputation, criminal record, community status, and financial capabilities. We also cover different payment methods for all of our clients.

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The Things You Should Do After Your Arrest

Even though it is scary to be arrested for an immigration detention charge, you mustn’t lose hope. The immigration judge will handle your case fairly, and you will always have the support of a reliable bail bond company.

These are the things you must do once you are arrested:

Analyze Your Options

Instead of panicking, you should run a mental checklist of your options. You can contact your friends and family members. Plus, you also have the right to contact a lawyer. And as soon as possible, you need to reach out to the nearest bail bondsman.

Prepare Your Important Documents Ahead Of Time

After the booking process, the court will now review your case. You might get approved for bail, depending on your immigration case.

In order to save time, you must prepare your documents and forms. These forms are needed for immigration bond application. The faster you complete the requirements, the sooner you can get out of jail.

To Bail or Not To Bail

As a defendant, you have the option to deny bail. This simply means that you are waiving your chance to gain temporary freedom. Avoiding the chance to post bail is not a wise decision because you have to spend time in jail until your next hearing.

Some defendants choose to avoid bail and bail bonds because of moral conundrums and light penalty considerations. Defendants with serious immigration charges will always settle for bail or a bail bond.

Attend The Next Immigration Bond Hearing

After your bail bond has been processed, you must prepare for your next court hearing. Depending on how busy the court is, the next hearing might be set within a few days or weeks.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting Immigration Bail Bonds?

Immigration bail bonds offer numerous benefits. These benefits outweigh the financial risks of all types of personal loans.

Grants Temporary Freedom

For many defendants, gaining temporary freedom is an important thing. While the case is still ongoing, a freed defendant can set his affairs in order and find means to make extra money. Temporary freedom is better than getting stuck in jail.

Getting an immigration bond from the National Bonding Company will ease your troubles. The immigration bond will secure your freedom for a fraction of the bail’s total cost. If you borrowed money for the bail, you might end up with a heavy debt on top of your current court problems. A bail bond is always the smarter choice!

Huge Savings

The bail for an immigration charge can reach as high as $15,000. The immigration judge might even include additional court expenses for the defendant. By getting an immigration bond, you can save a lot of money and earn your temporary freedom at the same time. Some bail companies might require deposit fees, but these amounts are usually a small fraction of the full bail amount.

National Bonding Company won’t push you in the corner of debt. Our standard fee is just 10% of the immigration bond amount and there are no hidden rates to worry about. More importantly, our repayment terms are flexible and lenient.

Advice and Support from Bail Agent

Immigration bond agents are trained to offer advice to all clients, particularly on topics related to bail bonds and surety bonds. Once you’ve applied for an immigration bail bond, a bail agent will guide you through the entire bail bond process. You will also learn detailed information about Connecticut laws and immigration policies.

Here at National Bonding Company, we intend to keep all of our clients informed. If you’re confused about immigration bonds, simply reach out to any of our bail bond agents. You can reach National Bonding Company’s agents through mobile, email, or even social media.

Repayment Convenience

Paying off an immigration bail bond is more convenient than paying the bail. Most bail bond companies have flexible repayment methods and processes. You always have the option to pay an immigration bail bond through cash, bank deposit, and checks. Plus, you can negotiate with a bail bond agent if you want to obtain a discount.

National Bonding Company ensures that all defendants get the benefits and advantages of immigration bonds. Our bail bond agents are also eager to coordinate with all clients regarding bail bond issues and concerns.