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Marijuana Bail Bonds

If you’re facing a Marijuana charge and you were allowed to post bail, the best option that you can take is a Marijuana bail bond. The bail bond will lessen your stress since you don’t have to borrow money from your friends and family members.

What is A Marijuana Bail Bond?

A Marijuana bail bond is a surety bond that allows a bail bondsman to put up bail money for a defendant. The bondsperson is also obliged by the law to coordinate with the defendant after the bail has been granted.

Typically, 24 hour bail bonds or cash bonds are more affordable than personal loans. Connecticut bail bonds have regular deposit fees within the 5-10% range.

Marijuana and Bail

Marijuana possession is a complicated case. Even though Marijuana has been decriminalized in Connecticut, it can still lead to an offender’s potential imprisonment.

Over the years, the need for Marijuana bail bonds in Connecticut has grown remarkably. Somehow, this indicates that defendants are getting imprisoned because they failed to anticipate the consequences of their charges.

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Quantity and Weight

The quantity of the Marijuana possessed by a defendant determines the gravity of the case. In turn, the case will affect the decision of the bail commissioner. If you’ve been caught with a half-ounce of Marijuana, for example, you need to pay a fine of $250 or more.

While Marijuana possession is considered a light case (depending on weight confiscated), distribution is a different thing. A distributor is considered an enabler and a criminal right at the beginning. The fine for distribution can reach as high as $25,000 with a jail time of up to 10 years. The fines and bail amounts will continue to increase for repeat offenders.

Age and Location

If the defendant is under 18, he or she may not be allowed to post bail. Rather, the defendant can be referred to drug rehabilitation programs and community-based punishments.

Location is another important factor in Marijuana detention. If the arrested individual is tried on a different state, there may be stricter laws.

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Other Types of Cannabis

Cannabis oils are still tricky products in Connecticut, even if they were classified into recreational and medical uses. Owning Hashish, for example, is considered a third-degree felony and can lead to an imprison time of up to 15 years. A person accused of distributing large quantities of Cannabis oil need an excellent legal representation.

What Happens After Your Marijuana Charge Arrest?

Once you’re arrested for a Marijuana charge, the police will take you into custody and start a booking process. This is a standard procedure in any police department or correctional facility.

The Booking Process

During the booking process, police officers will ask information about your credentials, employment, community status, and recent criminal charge. According to state law, you will always get the chance to call a lawyer or a bail bondsman. You’re also advised to coordinate with specific organizations (if possible) like the Connecticut insurance department.

Getting Bail Bond Services

After getting booked for a Marijuana charge, you should apply for a bail bond as soon as you can. Nowadays, it’s easy to find a bail bond service due to the growth of social media and popularity of websites.

You can reach the National Bonding Company’s website within seconds. In the site, a representative will show you our company’s 24 hour bail bonds. We also offer easy payment plans that you can fulfill within a few weeks.

Why You Should Always Post Bail?

Most defendants will opt to pay for bail once approved by the court. However, some defendants have chosen to avoid bail because of their light criminal charges. By avoiding bail, you may need to spend a long time in jail – even before the first trial of your case!

If you understand how bail bonds work, you’d know that taking the bail option will yield more benefits. Even if you don’t have money but you’re approved for bail, you can always reach to a professional bondsperson. Avoiding bail won’t let you utilize the effectiveness of bail bonds in Connecticut.

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How is A Bail Bond Amount Calculated?

The typical bail process includes the direct computation of the bail bond amount. Bail bondsmen usually consider the bail money as a guiding template, but they also rely on other important factors related to the case.

The Nature of The Offense

A local bail bondsman will examine the nature of the offense before finalizing a bail bond. The crime’s nature will determine the fees associated with the bond, and it will also reflect the bail amount set by the judge. Therefore, the bail bond for a serious Marijuana possession charge can set you back by thousands of dollars.

But don’t worry – you don’t need to pay for the bail bond immediately. Most bail bonds are subjected to specific manageable terms to help defendants when it comes to repayment. Always coordinate with your bail agent to understand the repayment terms associated with your bond.

The Defendant's Character and Reputation

Character is an important factor that affects a bail bond’s amount. If the defendant has a minor Marijuana possession case or a misdemeanor, he might be eligible for extra discounts. A defendant respected by the community will also earn the respect and leniency of a professional bail bondsman.

If you have outstanding warrants or a criminal record entry, you might get lower discounts from the bail agent. Still, you will always have a chance to get a surety bond with easy payment plans.

Adjustment Based on Payment Plans

Most bail bond services have weekly payment schedules. A weekly payment scheme is easier for many defendants because it guarantees a quick fulfillment of the bond. Some companies have monthly payment schedules, but the costs are higher, and the terms are longer for more serious crimes.

Knowing the payment plan of your bail bond is a smart move. You can align your current financial state to the payment scheme proposed by the bail agent.

Discount Opportunities

Bail bond websites offer limited discount opportunities to all clients and defendants. You can find these discount opportunities in a company’s homepage. A bond agent will also inform you if the company has an ongoing discount or cost reduction promo.

National Bonding Company’s bail bond process incorporates numerous discount vouchers and promos on a regular basis. Just ask our trustworthy bail bondsman about or company’s recent discount promos. If you’re a member of a union or a prominent organization, you’re also eligible for a reduced bond fee.