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How we get you out of jail

Are you wondering how to get out of jail or get your family member back home? Our process to get temporary freedom is fast, easy and effective. We want to help you post bail and National Bonding Company has many bail bond locations throughout Connecticut to get your bail set.

Call for immediate help.

Do not wait to call our bond company to begin the bail process. Our bail agents want to help. Calling for immediate assistance to begin the steps of getting a bail bond. We recognize being arrested on top of serving jail time can be scary, but we are professional and highly trained. Once we gather the defendant’s information, we will guide you through the next steps below. If you are not in a rush, you can fill out the form on step 2 and a bondsman will contact you.

Defendant Authorization Form

This form allows us to execute a bail bond on your behalf. Once the bondsman fills out his portion of the form you will receive a copy of the agreement.

Co-Signer Agreement Form

Not all bonds require a co-signer. If yours does, this information is required to secure your bail bond.

Payment Agreement

Once your bond is approved and ready, a payment agreement contract is signed.

Credit Card Authorization Contract

We need this contract to keep your credit card on file and charge it for your payments.
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Purpose of Bail Bonds

After getting arrested, bail bonds are an important way to have temporary freedom before the court date. Court hearings can be scary, and we recognize no one wants to stay in police custody. Our bail bondsman are trained professionals that are there for you. They know the difference between bail vs bond, court appearances, flight risk, as well as bail amount.

Difference between bail and bonds

The difference between bail vs bond is that bail is the money the defendant pays after the arrest. This is calculated after the initial arrest. A bond is what is given to the defendant from the bail bond company. It is posted on behalf of the bail bond company and secures the individuals freedom until the court date.


The average bail amount is 10% but you can use our bail bond calculator to calculate your bond amount.

A bail hearing is when you meet with the prosecutor at the court. The prosecutor wants to set a high bail to keep the defendant in jail. Bail Bonds come in handy in these situations, so we are able to get you back home!

PR Bonds, Cash Bonds and Surety Bond

The best way to get out of jail as fast as possible is to call the National Bonding Company and get your bail bond today!

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