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Sex Crime Bail Bonds 101

 Getting accused of a sex crime is a scary experience. The possibility of spending a long time in jail is undeniable, and you also have to procure a large sum of money for bail. If the judge has given you a chance to post bail, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Simply reach out to a bail bondsman and get a bond for your sex crime charge.

What Is A Sex Crime Bail Bond?

The solution to an expensive sex crime bail is a bail bond. A sex crime bail bond is an agreement between the bail agent, the defendant, and the court. The agreement allows the local bail bondsman to post bail money on behalf of the defendant.

There are numerous types of sex crime bonds. The most common type is a surety bond with an average initial fee of 10%. Defendants can also apply for federal bail bonds or cash bonds for lower rates and possible discounts.

It’s better for a defendant to get a sex crime bail bond assistance than a high-interest personal loan. Most loans can set anyone back by as much as 60% or higher. A bail bond is cheaper, faster, and more reliable in the long run.

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The Types of Sex Crimes

There are different classifications of sex crimes according to state law. The type of sex crime determines the amount of bail that you have to pay.

  • Rape (sexual act committed without the victim’s consent)

  • Sexual activities with a minor (non-consensual sexual acts with someone under 18)

  • Sexual battery (unwanted physical contact without sexual penetration)

  • Gross sexual imposition (if someone forces another person to have sex with a third party)

In a sexual assault case, the judge doesn’t grant bail easily. The judge will impose specific conditions for the defendant before granting the opportunity for bail. The defendant, for example, is not allowed to contact the victim in any way whatsoever. If the defendant fails to comply, he or she will be arrested immediately with additional charges or punishments.

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What Affects A Sex Crime Bond’s Amount?

Different factors determine the full amount of a sexual case bond. These factors are essential for the analysis of the bail bondsman, and they can even affect the discount rate of a bond.

The Sex Crime

Some sexual assault cases are costlier than others. Rape, for example, has a typical bail amount of $30,000 or higher. If you have a rape charge and you intend to get bail, your total bond amount can start at $33,000. This amount is just a basic ballpark and can change based on several variables like the decision of a bail commissioner.

Talk to a local bondsman if you want to assess the fees related to a sex crime bond. A bondsman with dependable bail bonds expertise will always give you a breakdown of bond fees and rates.

Personal Reputation and Criminal Record

A good personal reputation will help you gain competitive rates from a bail bond company. Combined with limited site discounts, the improved rates and terms will allow you to save money throughout the bond’s maturity.

Bail bondsmen also prioritize defendants with spotless criminal records. If you’re accused of a crime for the first time, a bail agent might waive off some fees or extra costs. Other outstanding warrants under your name might tarnish your reputation.

Initial Bond Fee and Costs

Fees will always be a part of the bail bond process. Through these fees, bail companies managed to operate properly and serve all defendants who need help. It’s important that you understand a bail agency’s terms before signing a bail bond form. Some bail bonds in Connecticut have a clear indication of terms, while others are somehow confusing.

Most companies require a deposit fee for a bail bond, but there’s always room for negotiation. Just be honest with the bail agent and you will get reasonable rates to match your budget.

Miscellaneous Court Fees

Even though miscellaneous court fees are not expensive, they can push your financial burden significantly. Some court fees can reach as high as $250 for low-degree sex crimes and $400 for high-degree cases.

While a bail bond doesn’t affect court fees directly, it will lessen your total expenditure. Realistically, Connecticut bail bonds will reduce your anxiety and give you peace of mind.

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The Next Things to Do After Your Sex Crime Arrest

Even though your sex-related charge is serious, you should find the strength to calm down. During the booking process for your sex crime, the police officer will just ask for your personal information and specific details related to the investigation.

You have the option to contact your friends and family members while you’re being booked for the crime. Additionally, you can also talk to a lawyer or coordinate with the Connecticut insurance department.

After making some phone calls, you can follow these important steps:

Find A Bail Bondsman

If you can reach out to a bail bondsman while being booked for a sex crime, you will definitely save time. A responsible bail agent will get to your location within 30 minutes or less, and you don’t need to spend another night in jail.

One of the easiest ways to find a bail bondsman is through a search engine. Just type the right keywords and don’t forget to include your location. In less than five seconds, you can find a popular and reliable bail bond company within your area. Different companies specialize in a wide number of bail bonds and they all have variable rates.

Other online locations where you can find bail agents are legal forums, directories, blogs, and social media. The most responsible companies such as National Bonding Company are always striving hard to reach their clients across numerous digital channels. Many bail bonds in Connecticut have also been processed online in the past five years.

Submit the Required Forms

You need to submit the necessary forms before you can get approved for bail bond services. The first form needed by a bail agent is the Authorization Form. This form authorizes the agent to post bail on your behalf. Even if the bail amount is small or high, the bail bondsman will still release the cash needed to fulfill the agreement.

You should also have photocopies of your IDs, employment certification, and other documents that can back up your reputation. Don’t forget to ask the bail bond agent regarding some extra forms for bond approval. Other bail bond services also have additional conditions related to payment fulfillment, union membership, and document submission.

Choose a Convenient Payment Method

Most bail bond companies have different payment methods. The most common method is credit card payment, followed closely by cash and money courier services.

Talk to the bail agent about your preferred payment method. It’s very likely that the agent will consider your choice before finalizing the bail bond.

Don’t Miss Court Schedules

After gaining your freedom, you still have a long way to go until exoneration or conviction. You must follow all of the conditions set by the court, including the limitations of your sexual assault charge. Missing a court schedule or failing to abide by a judge’s condition will eventually lead to your immediate arrest.

National Bonding Company’s bail agents will coordinate with you after your release. Our local bond agents are required by the law to ensure that all defendants attend their court hearings. If you anticipate an upcoming conflict with a court schedule, notify our bond agents right away. We will attempt to find a workaround solution. You must also coordinate with your lawyer as early as possible.

The Option to Avoid Posting Bail

As a defendant, you have the right not to pay the bail amount. By doing so, however, you may end up spending a long time in jail. Depending on your sexual offense case and the judge’s availability, you probably have to wait for weeks, months, or years. You can always file for an appeal, but the success rate of getting an immediate hearing schedule is slim.

You must do everything to settle the bail for your sex crime. Thankfully, reliable companies like the National Bonding Company will make it easy for you to pay the bail through an affordable cash bond or surety bond.