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How to Get Stamford Bail Bonds

If you answered YES, then you probably need to pay for bail in the shortest time possible. Since bail amounts tend to be high, you should always consider getting a CT bail bond from a reputable bail bonding agency.

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Affordable Bail Bonds in Stamford CT

National Bonding Company is here to offer you the best surety bonds and cash bonds in Stamford CT. Our bail bond service has different positive qualities that set it apart from other bail agencies.

Easing Your Bail Burden

At National Bonding Company, we are determined to ease our clients’ bail-related burdens. We know how expensive bail payment can be, and most clients have to borrow money from their friends and loved ones. While you always have the option to borrow, you will sink in debt upon doing so.

To ease your bail burden, we have created an affordable bail bonds service designed to meet your needs. Our bail bonds have acceptable repayment rates and we’re always willing to offer discount coupons.

24/7 Direct Assistance in Stamford

Even though you’re arrested at an inconvenient hour, you can always contact any of our Stamford bail agents. Our bail bond service runs 24/7 and can be reached through phone, email, or social media.

We highly encourage you to contact our bail bondsmen for bail-related inquiries. It’s better to learn the right information instead of second-guessing!

Legal Policy Awareness and Support

National Bonding Company is also your source of Stamford legal policy awareness. You can explore our site to learn more about Stamford’s courts and legal policies.

Our official blog will also help you understand the implications of getting bail bond services. Additionally, you can read about the most popular bail bonds often requested in Stamford.

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How Does the Bail Process in Stamford Work?

Every bail agent follows a specific process for bail bond applications. The process is fast and straightforward, prioritizing clients' desire for freedom.

Step 01

Call For Immediate Help

Once you’ve been arrested and asked to pay for bail, you should seek assistance right away. A professional bail bondsman is always ready to visit you in jail and offer support. National Bonding Company’s bail bond agents are trained enough to answer your inquiry within the quickest time possible. 

 Upon gathering your personal information, we will walk you through the necessary steps of a bail bond process. All you have to do is fill out a Defendant Authorization Form and one of our agents will reach out to you.


Step 02

The Defendant Authorization Form

Through the Defendant Authorization Form, a bail bondsman can issue bail on your behalf. This form contains empty fields for your name, the bail agent’s name, the company’s name, and other important parameters. Digital signatures of both parties are also needed.

 It takes less than a minute to answer a Defendant Authorization Form. If you’re confused about the related fields, you can always ask the bail bond agent for clarification.


Step 03

Co-Signer Agreement Form

While not all bail bond companies require a co-signer form, it’s still an important document that can expedite your bail bond application. A co-signer form is meant for a co-signer or a person who will shoulder the risk for the defendant. If the defendant fails to attend his or her court proceedings, the co-signer must pay the bail bond amount, fees, and related penalties. A co-signer form is also known as an Indemnity Agreement.

 Most Indemnity Agreement forms require the valid IDs of the co-signer. Bail bondsmen will also require the co-signer’s signature.


Step 04

Payment Agreement

Typical bail bonds in Norwalk have payment agreement contracts. This contract indicates many important things such as bail amount, bail bond fees, payment schedule, and other conditions and limitations. If you have questions about the payment agreement contract, do not hesitate to ask the assigned bail bondsman. 

The payment agreement contract will usually be signed after the bail bond has been issued. This step is faster than the previous steps mentioned above. Keep in mind that the payment agreement for a surety bond might be different from a cash bond agreement. bail bondsman. 


Step 05

The Person Is Released on Bail With a Date in the Future to Attend Court.

The average bail bond process is full of contracts and agreements. This is to ensure that both parties won’t encounter risks and problems along the way. The Credit Card Authorization Contract is the last step of the bail bond process but also one of the most important. If your credit card doesn’t have any problem, the bail bond agent will validate the release of your bail bond as soon as possible. 

The Credit Card Authorization Contract allows bail agents to charge payments on a monthly or weekly basis. If you don’t have a credit card, you’re always free to ask alternative payment options.


Advantages of Using National Bonding Company Service

There are a number of advantages to using Nation Bonding Co’s services. Keep reading to learn more about what makes our services so unique and valuable.
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Complete Availability

Run-ins with the law can happen any time of the night or day. When you are arrested, you don’t want to remain in custody for an indefinite period of time. That is why we pride ourselves on our around-the-clock availability. Clients can get hold of us whenever they are arrested. This ensures that our clients are released within the quickest amount of time so that they can get back to the daily life and start preparing their defense with their lawyers.


Excellent Customer Services

When you make use of our bail bond service, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible service. We know that being suspected of a crime can be stressful. Our staff is warm and friendly to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that you are experiencing. All communication with our clients is also quick and on-point. If you want a bail bond service that is willing to walk the extra mile, look no further than Afford-a-bail.


Serves a Wide Range of Bail Bond Types

Afford-a-bail will be able to provide you with bail bond services, regardless of the crime you are being suspected of committing. These include crimes such as assault, drug crimes, computer crimes, and identity theft. If a child of yours were arrested, we will be able to help as well, seeing that we also work with juvenile cases.


Licensed Bail Bondsmen

When you choose Afford-a-bail, you choose a professional company that is licensed by the State of Connecticut. Get your loved one out of jail 7 days a week with professional bail bond Hartford CT service — our bail agent will post bail for you.


Highly Skilled Bondsmen

All our bond agents have extensive experience and expertise to provide you with high-end bail bond services. Before our bondsmen can work with our clients, they have to undergo in-depth training to ensure that they are completely familiar with the relevant procedures.

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National Bonding Company’s Bail Bonds

National Bonding Company has different bail bond services for different crimes. All of our bail bonds have variable rates and fees affected by the nature of the crime and the total bail amount. You can also avail of discounts to further lower the price of our bail bond fees.

These are the bail bonds that we offer in Stamford: If you want to understand the details related to our bail bonds, don’t hesitate to ask any of our bail agents. It’s important to understand how our bail bond can help secure your temporary freedom as soon as possible.
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The Bail Bond Process

Getting arrested for a crime is a stressful ordeal. The police will ask for lots of questions, and you will be detained for at least a few hours. But don’t panic! You can still have a shot at freedom by paying for bail or getting a bail bond service from the National Bonding Company.

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Authorizing the Bond

Before the court lets you go temporarily, your bail bondsman must authorize the bond. The first step that you must do is to sign an Authorization Form. This form indicates that the bail agent is allowed to post bail on your behalf.

If the bail bondsman requires a co-signer, then he or she will give you a co-signer form. Afterwards, you need to give this form to someone you can trust. The co-signer will shoulder the responsibility of the bail bond.

Settling the Fees

Once all of the required forms have been signed, the bail agent will discuss the payment process. Typically, you need to settle a 10% down payment of the total bail amount. The bail agent will also indicate any additional fees.

In this part of the process, you must pick a payment method. Bail bondsmen require credit card payments for easy processing, but they might be inclined to offer extra options. If you don’t have a credit card, feel free to coordinate with a National Bonding Company bail agent.

Negotiating With An Agent

Even though the entire bail bond services are nearly automated, there’s still room for negotiation. Upon meeting your agent, try to negotiate for discounts and lowered rates. The bail bondsman will assess your situation and determine if you’re eligible for a discount.

Court Schedules and Exoneration

Once your bail bond is settled, the judge will give you the schedule for the next hearing. You must attend the subsequent hearings of your case. The bail bondsman will also remind you of the responsibility to attend court date hearings.

If you are exonerated of the crime, congratulations! You’re now a free person, but you mustn’t forget your agreement with the bail bond company. Continue working with your bail bondsman if there are still some fees remaining in your account.

Advantages of Trusting National Bonding Company

National Bonding Company is a bail bond agency that you can trust. Our bail company has more than 10 years of experience in offering bail bonds. We have also developed certain company qualities that have benefited our clients over the years.

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Quick Release of Bonds

Unlike other companies, National Bonding Company prioritizes your time and freedom. We intend to release your bail bond after all the necessary forms have been submitted. You can even get the approval for the bail bond within 30 minutes!

Aside from quick bail bond processing, our team of bail bond agents are also fast in dealing with inquiries. If you have questions about a specific bail bond, we will provide the answers right away. Our representatives can answer your questions through phone, email, or social media.


Most CT bail bonds are expensive because of the full amount of the bail and other associated fees. But don’t worry – National Bonding Company has a selection of bail bonds that can fit within your budget. We understand the financial burden of paying for bail, so we intend to fix the problem through our low-cost bail bonds.

National Bonding Company also offers regular discounts for all clients. If you’re really strapped for cash, don’t hesitate to ask our bail bondsmen for discounts. You might receive discounts based on your personal background, timing, and criminal charge.

A Wide Range of Bail Bonds

Some bail bond companies offer bonds for a small selection of crimes. One reason for this is the level of risk that the company intends to take. National Bonding Company is never risk-averse, so we have tons of bail bonds that cover many crimes. We don’t shy away from huge bail amounts, especially if a defendant’s freedom is at stake!

Top-Notch Customer Service

Aside from having an exceptional bail process, the National Bonding Company has fast, responsive, and dependable customer service. Our representatives are always ready to answer your inquiries regarding bail bonds service and payment methods.

Licensed and Reliable Bail Bondsmen

National Bonding Company’s licensed bail bond agents know the ins and outs of the bail process. Our agents always know the type of bail bond that would fit your situation and budget. All of our agents are licensed to operate in Stamford and nearby areas.

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National Bonding Company – Your Best Source of Low-Rate Stamford Bail Bonds

With the help of the National Bonding Company, you no longer have to be stressed over your expensive bail. Our company is always ready to offer the most affordable Stamford bail bonds within 12 hours or less. We also have large service coverage, reaching any location all over Stamford CT.

Contact National Bonding Company today and get a bail bond!