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Have you been recently arrested in Tolland?

If you answered YES and you’re currently on the verge of panic, stop for a moment. After the booking process and the arraignment, the judge might let you pay bail for your temporary freedom.

But what if you don’t have enough cash for bail? Instead of getting a loan from your friends and family, you should just apply for a bail bond from the National Bonding Company.

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Budget-Friendly Bail Bonds in Tolland CT

National Bonding Company has a diverse selection of low-cost bail bonds that can be released within a day. Through our CT bail bonds, you can obtain your freedom without sinking in debt. We truly understand the stress of financial burdens, and we believe that defendants shouldn’t worry about incarceration and loan repayments. Institutions Serving Tolland, Connecticut

Connecticut Legal Institutions Serving Tolland

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Tolland Judicial District

69 Brooklyn Street,
Rockville 060


The Tolland Judicial District handles all court cases in the city, especially juvenile trials. Professionals can also visit Tolland JD’s law library if they wish to gather data and useful references.

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Tolland Resident State Troopers

21 Tolland Green, 1st Level Tolland, CT 06084

Telephone: 860-926-4695

Fax: 860-870-6407

The Tolland State Troopers Department is responsible for handling the booking processes for defendants charged in Tolland. While the department is small, its response rate is fast and efficient. Bail agents can also be found in the police department from time to time.

How Does the Bail Process in New Haven Work?

Every bail agent follows a specific process for bail bond applications. The process is fast and straightforward, prioritizing clients' desire for freedom.

Step 01

Call For Immediate Help

Once you’ve been arrested and asked to pay for bail, you should seek assistance right away. A professional bail bondsman is always ready to visit you in jail and offer support. National Bonding Company’s bail bond agents are trained enough to answer your inquiry within the quickest time possible. 

 Upon gathering your personal information, we will walk you through the necessary steps of a bail bond process. All you have to do is fill out a Defendant Authorization Form and one of our agents will reach out to you.


Step 02

The Defendant Authorization Form

Through the Defendant Authorization Form, a bail bondsman can issue bail on your behalf. This form contains empty fields for your name, the bail agent’s name, the company’s name, and other important parameters. Digital signatures of both parties are also needed.

 It takes less than a minute to answer a Defendant Authorization Form. If you’re confused about the related fields, you can always ask the bail bond agent for clarification.


Step 03

Co-Signer Agreement Form

While not all bail bond companies require a co-signer form, it’s still an important document that can expedite your bail bond application. A co-signer form is meant for a co-signer or a person who will shoulder the risk for the defendant. If the defendant fails to attend his or her court proceedings, the co-signer must pay the bail bond amount, fees, and related penalties. A co-signer form is also known as an Indemnity Agreement.

 Most Indemnity Agreement forms require the valid IDs of the co-signer. Bail bondsmen will also require the co-signer’s signature.


Step 04

Payment Agreement

Typical bail bonds in Norwalk have payment agreement contracts. This contract indicates many important things such as bail amount, bail bond fees, payment schedule, and other conditions and limitations. If you have questions about the payment agreement contract, do not hesitate to ask the assigned bail bondsman. 

The payment agreement contract will usually be signed after the bail bond has been issued. This step is faster than the previous steps mentioned above. Keep in mind that the payment agreement for a surety bond might be different from a cash bond agreement. bail bondsman. 


Step 05

The Person Is Released on Bail With a Date in the Future to Attend Court.

The average bail bond process is full of contracts and agreements. This is to ensure that both parties won’t encounter risks and problems along the way. The Credit Card Authorization Contract is the last step of the bail bond process but also one of the most important. If your credit card doesn’t have any problem, the bail bond agent will validate the release of your bail bond as soon as possible. 

The Credit Card Authorization Contract allows bail agents to charge payments on a monthly or weekly basis. If you don’t have a credit card, you’re always free to ask alternative payment options.


Advantages of Using National Bonding Company Service

There are a number of advantages to using Nation Bonding Co’s services. Keep reading to learn more about what makes our services so unique and valuable.
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Complete Availability

Run-ins with the law can happen any time of the night or day. When you are arrested, you don’t want to remain in custody for an indefinite period of time. That is why we pride ourselves on our around-the-clock availability. Clients can get hold of us whenever they are arrested. This ensures that our clients are released within the quickest amount of time so that they can get back to the daily life and start preparing their defense with their lawyers.


Excellent Customer Services

When you make use of our bail bond service, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible service. We know that being suspected of a crime can be stressful. Our staff is warm and friendly to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that you are experiencing. All communication with our clients is also quick and on-point. If you want a bail bond service that is willing to walk the extra mile, look no further than Afford-a-bail.


Serves a Wide Range of Bail Bond Types

Afford-a-bail will be able to provide you with bail bond services, regardless of the crime you are being suspected of committing. These include crimes such as assault, drug crimes, computer crimes, and identity theft. If a child of yours were arrested, we will be able to help as well, seeing that we also work with juvenile cases.


Licensed Bail Bondsmen

When you choose Afford-a-bail, you choose a professional company that is licensed by the State of Connecticut. Get your loved one out of jail 7 days a week with professional bail bond Hartford CT service — our bail agent will post bail for you.


Highly Skilled Bondsmen

All our bond agents have extensive experience and expertise to provide you with high-end bail bond services. Before our bondsmen can work with our clients, they have to undergo in-depth training to ensure that they are completely familiar with the relevant procedures.

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Bail Bonds Offered by National Bonding Company

National Bonding Company works with different types of bail bonds. All of these bonds have respective fees and details involved.

One of the most expensive bail bonds sanctioned by the law. Getting approved for a murder bail bond can be tricky because of the numerous factors involved. Murder bail bonds can reach higher than $10,000.

Minor misdemeanor bonds are somehow affordable. Bail agents usually release disorderly conduct bail bonds for $1,500 or less.

Larceny bail bonds have variable costs depending on the degree of larceny. Bail companies have different surety bonds for larceny and theft cases.

DV bail bonds are costly because of the nature of the case. Some DV bonds can reach $5,000 and beyond.

Bail bonds related to drug crimes have variable costs. The costs usually depend on the severity of the drug crime and the total bail amount.

Assault bail bonds are mostly surety bonds. The cost of the assault bail bond depends on the case’s severity or degree.

Assault bail bonds are mostly surety bonds. The cost of the assault bail bond depends on the case’s severity or degree.

Failure-to-appear bail bonds are as common as you think. In Tolland, many defendants got additional court punishments due to their FTA cases. FTA bail bonds are affordable.

Not all bail companies offer juvenile bonds. However, the National Bonding Company is willing to offer a low-cost bail bond for a juvenile defendant. Every minor deserves to be free.

The solution to an expensive felony bail amount is a felony bail bond. Felony bail bonds have variable costs.

Even though the trial for a sex crime is usually long, the release of the associated bail bond shouldn’t be. National Bonding Company has been issuing sex crime bail bonds for more than five years. We’re here to offer you a low-cost sex crime bail bond without extra fees.

You shouldn’t let a Marijuana possession charge hinder your freedom. Get a Marijuana bail bond as soon as possible!

Incarcerated immigrants can get immigration bail bonds to secure their temporary freedom. An immigration bail bond is affordable and can be released in 10 hours or less.

If you’re arrested for burglary and have been approved for bail, get a budget-friendly burglary bail bond right away. This bail bond is cheap but can also be affected by the severity of your charge.

DUI bail bonds in Tolland CT are known for their manageable costs and quick release. You don’t need to spend a night in jail if you’re backed up by a DUI bail bond!

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The Important Steps Following Your Arrest

Even though the typical police booking process can leave you anxious, you must do your best to calm down. Always keep in mind that the police officers are just following an investigative protocol before your arraignment.

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Applying For A Bail Bond

It takes only a few minutes to apply for a bail bond. From a bail agency’s website, you can fill up an authorization form. If you’re confused about something, just call any numbers indicated on the website.

If you’ve reached a bail bond agency from social media, you can just send a chat message. A bail bondsman will answer your inquiry within a few minutes. Still, it is faster to get a bail bond from a company’s website. You should also save the number of a bail bondsman in case you need to clarify some important things related to the bail process or bail repayment.

Authorization Forms and Documents

The Authorization form contains important fields related to your personal data and contact information. Basically, the form is meant to authorize the bail bond agent on settling the bail amount.

If a co-signer form is needed, the bail bondsman will inform you ahead of time. The co-signer form binds the co-signer to the agreement, and he or she must settle the bail bond if ever the defendant flees.

On Matters of Payment

During the early phase of your bail bond application, you will know the full amount of your obligation. The full bail bond amount usually includes the deposit fee and recurring charges. Don’t let the extra charges and fees deter you! Some bail agents, especially the ones from the National Bonding Company, are happy to waive off fees especially with bail bonds related to minor crimes.

Your personal reputation and community status can possibly affect the leniency of bail bondsmen. Always treat the bond agent respectfully to get the discounts that you need!


Attending the Next Hearing

Once your bail bond has been approved, the judge will let you go temporarily. You will also know the schedule of your next hearing. As much as possible, you shouldn’t miss court hearings because you might get charged with FTA (failure to appear) – on top of your current case!

Always contact your bail agent in case you have problems attending the next hearing. Very likely, the bail agent will suggest some options to help you avoid a court hearing absence.

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Exoneration and Bail Bond Repayment

Getting exonerated in court is a remarkable thing. It simply means that the judge has declared your innocence and you are free to go. The judge may still require you to pay some court fees, especially if specific court services were used.

National Bonding Company is just one call away if ever you’ve encountered problems regarding the full payment of your bail bond. Don’t worry – our professional bail agents are willing to adjust surety bond repayment terms and fees to help you settle the account.

The Advantages of National Bonding Company's Bail Bond Services

With dozens of bail companies operating in Tolland, it’s somehow difficult to find the most reliable option. Well, you don’t have to look further – National Bonding Company is here to help you gain temporary freedom through low-cost bail bonds.

We’ve listed down the reasons why National Bonding Company is truly worth your time.

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Bail Agents Who Truly Care

National Bonding Company’s bail bondsmen truly care about the sake of all defendants. Aside from being skilled and licensed, our bail agents know how to handle all of the defendants’ inquiries. If you want to understand our respective bail bonds and rates, you can simply ask our active bail bond agents.

Quickness is one of the strong traits of our bail bondsmen. Unlike other companies, we don’t keep our clients waiting. After sending your application or inquiry, you will be able to talk to a licensed Tolland bail agent.

Large Selection of Affordable Bail Bonds

With our selection of low-rate bail bonds, you no longer have to worry about spending one more day in jail. Our bail bonds cover a large variety of crimes ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious ones. All of our bail bonds are designed to meet your budget, and there are also no hidden costs or fees involved.

Apart from the low rates of our bail bonds, we are also willing to give some discounts based on the severity of your case and your reputation. Don’t hesitate to talk to our local bail agent regarding special service discounts. Our agents may or may not require additional documents to support your discount claims, reputation, and criminal history.

Great Customer Service

As our company grew in Tolland, we were able to improve – not just the quality of our bail bond services – but the capabilities of our customer service. You can see this level of improvement in our bail bond website and social media channels. To the best of our abilities, we’re always aiming to reach clients in Tolland within 30 minutes or less.

You can reach our bail bondsmen through our website, contact numbers, and Facebook page. While all of these channels are fast, the best method is through a phone call. This way, the bail agent can answer your questions directly.

Client Coordination and Legal Knowledge

Recently, our company focused on improving client coordination across all channels. This improvement allowed our team to answer all client inquiries without delays. Our bail bond agents are also willing to share information related to Tolland policies and the average bail process.

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Get Your Tolland Bail Bonds From National Bonding Company!

National Bonding Company is here to offer the best bail bonds in Tolland CT. We understand how stressful jail time can be, and we’re also aware of the financial troubles faced by our clients. In this case, we ensure that our local bail bond agents are capable of responding to client inquiries as soon as possible. Our rates are also designed to match your budget or financial preferences.

Contact National Bonding Company today and send your application for a Tolland bail bond!